Yearbook 2019

gasworld Yearbook

Published annually; the gasworld Yearbook is a must have for your company, showcasing the top news from throughout the year all in one heavyweight annual. The gasworld Yearbook, launched in 2018- provides an exclusive platform to deliver intelligence, trend analysis and a detailed look into the most influential news from all areas of the Industrial Gas industry. The stories are handpicked by our specialist team and collated by subject, so you are guaranteed to find a large selection of content which you are interested in, no matter your field.


The glossy, perfectly bound Annual has become a collector’s item amongst traders as well as end users because of its easy-to-navigate sections dedicated to CO2, helium, air gases, hydrogen, LNG, speciality gases and digitisation. There is no other publication which will provide you with the relevant analysis and information you need, whether you work in industrial gas, are a supplier or a consumer. With your copy, you will be kept in the loop about:

  • What’s trending in each gas area
  • The advancements of equipment and products
  • Optimisation of operations
  • ‘Smart’ Industry investments
  • Innovations in Industrial Gas
  • Exclusive interviews with industry leaders


In this glossy, heavyweight annual we carefully choose out pick of the news and features from the past year and chart the challenging of the status quo in our industry. From the M&A changing the face of ths industry and how, to the growing role of hydrogen in the clean energies transition and the rapid advances in digitisation alike, the Yearbook has it covered.


Whether you’re an industrial gas professional, an analyst, investor, or end-user, here you will find a snapshot of what’s hot in the global gases business – and what’s driving change in the future. If you’re an advertiser, then look no further for a promotional opportunity with 12 months’ shelf life and a record high circulation to industrial gas professionals and end-users alike. As an advertiser or sponsor, the Yearbook provide an unparalleled promotional partner for your company to demonstrate its role in developing the industry’s new technologies and solutions.


The Yearbook provides

What’s trending in each area of the industrial and speciality gases business What the industrial gases business is doing to advance the gases, mixtures and equipment that matter most to you What solutions the industry is working on to optimise your operations – and maximise your bottom line Where investments are being made in ‘smart’ industry and what these could mean to your company What’s driving change in the gases and equipment you procure, now and in the future

This year’s edition

This year’s gasworld Industrial Gas Yearbook will bring you the best news, view and analysis of the key trends unfolding throughout the year – and the ultimate promotional platform for your company to showcase its solutions