MagneGas, the clean technology company in the renewable resources and environmental solutions industries, has filed a provisional patent application on a next-generation gasification system.

The provisional patent application involves the use of a plasma arc in conjunction with certain fluids and powdered materials such as coal, plastics, and potentially the company’s primary feedstock, butanol.

MagneGas has also used this new gasification technology as the basis to file for a Department of Energy (DOE) grant related to the small-scale gasification systems for coal otherwise known as ‘clean coal’.

The DOE grant calls for the development of a one to five megawatt (MW) system which is modular and scalable with a much smaller footprint and capital investment than current clean coal systems. MagneGas’ experience with small scalable modular gasification technology and related off-the-shelf components provides the company with significant advantages in designing, planning and modelling the technology required for the DOE grant.

Coal gasification

While this specific DOE grant is focused on the gasification of coal, the company believes the underlying technology will have other applications associated with solid fuels, solid wastes such as plastics and potentially liquids as well. The company believes there may be additional opportunities to utilise this technology to gasify butanol directly, which could significantly improve the cost to mass produce MagneGas2™. This development could enable MagneGas to further compete in the metal cutting fuel industry, and expand into a wider range of industrial fuel gases.

Ermanno Santilli, CEO of MagneGas, stated, “Being in a position to apply for this DOE grant is a strong indicator of the knowledge and expertise we have obtained from years of working with modular gasification technology, which will enable us to produce a small pulverised coal gasification system and potentially revolutionise the market.”

MagneGas has already successfully commercialised two applications of its derived core gasification technology in the industrial gas and landfill sectors, and hopes to execute on additional commercial applications in the near term.

Scott Mahoney, Chief Financial Officer of MagneGas, commented, “The company is currently prioritising research and development and commercial projects where we can share or otherwise minimise our net investment through the effective use of grants, partnerships and other joint funding mechanisms. Our goal is a balanced business model, where we scale our proven solutions today while unlocking new applications that could potentially enhance future shareholder value.”