Two divisions of the New York City Department of Transportation have chosen to use MagneGas Corporation’s MagneGas2® fuel for metal cutting and repairs.

The fuel will be sourced by MagneGas’ New York-based distirbutor AWISCO Corporation after both companies previously partnered up to expand the use of MagneGas2 in the New York and New Jersey markets.

Victor Fuhrman, Vice-President of Sales and Market for AWISCO, commented, “MagneGas2 is an excellent door opener, and customers quickly see the value added benefits of switching to MagneGas2 which we believe is a hotter and cleaner alternative to what they are using now. The Department of Transportation is one example of our successful efforts.”

Earlier this week, the Florida-based business entered into its largest equipment sale to date, with a Letter of Intent (LOI) to manufacture and deliver equipment and supplies to an as-yet-unnamed company based in Germany.

MagneGas converts liquid waste into a hydrogen (H2) based fuel by gasifying or sterilising a number of liquid wastes and producing a gaseous fuel.