Norwegian seismic systems and services provider Magseis Fairfield has announced that, through its subsidiary Magseis Renewables, it will go ahead with two new carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology pilot projects in collaboration with geophysics company TGS.

By using high resolution 3D seismic acquisition at a carbon storage site in Norway, the first project will allow for a detailed picture of the seabed to the targeted storage reservoir.

The second project is based around an offshore wind farm in Denmark and will see the partners using ultra high-resolution 3D seismic acquisition to demonstrate applying a high-frequency source coupled with TGS’ data processing technologies.

Map showing test sites

Map showing test sites

Source: Magseis Fairfield

Eager to begin work on the projects, Tone Trudeng, Renewables Director, Magseis Fairfield, said, “We look forward to working together with TGS on these key projects that will highlight the value of high resolution seismic for CCS and offshore wind market.”

“We believe combining our XHR technology with TGS; imaging solutions will result in superior data.”

The XHR technology mentioned by Trudeng is Magseis Fairfield’s Extended High-Resolution acquisition configurations. This will be combined with TGS’ imaging software to showcase to offshore wind and CCS companies that high resolution geophysical solutions can be made available at a price deemed reasonable by the industry.

Q3 of 2021 will see the completion of acquisition.