EIGA’s main event for the 2016 Winter Session will be a Training Course on Carbon Dioxide, held on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th January in Brussels.

The EIGA Carbon Dioxide Training Course will address the fundamental topics related to the properties and sources of carbon dioxide and the safe design and operation of systems used in the production, distribution and use of liquid, gaseous and solid carbon dioxide.

The Carbon Dioxide Training Course will consist of modules on:

- What is carbon dioxide? What are the main sources of carbon dioxide?

- Production processes and quality and safety in the production process.

- Regulations and customer driven requirements

- Regulations relating to distribution; bulk loading and unloading; transportation of carbon dioxide in bulk, cylinder and dry ice form

- Cylinders and material selection - avoiding contamination

- Introduction to applications - safety and quality issues, with focus on specific applications

- Production and handling of dry ice applications - safety and quality issues

The Training Course sessions will include review of incidents involving carbon dioxide in the industrial, food and medical gases industry and their impact. They will focus on how these incidents can be avoided through application of key controls, design considerations, safe plant operations and management systems.

The Training Course will consist of two half day sessions, and has been designed to be of benefit to a wide range of delegates including those new to the industry and those with industry experience but requiring refresher and update training on the fundamentals of carbon dioxide safety and quality in operations and applications. This may include technicians, managers and engineers involved in the installation and maintenance of carbon dioxide systems, and plant managers, supervisors and operators involved in the production or use of carbon dioxide and dry ice.

Further details and registration are on the EIGA website www.eiga.eu.