Hangzhou Hangyang has announced that it has signed a major contract with Anhui Haoyuan Chemicals Group to supply an air separation unit (ASU) of 70,000 Nm3/h capacity.

This, the company explained, is not only the first ASU of such a capacity to be manufactured by Hangyang, but also the first ASU of such a capacity to be manufactured locally in China.

The company won the contract among six other competitors and had to undertake numerous rounds of technical and commercial discussions before being awarded the deal.


The contract is one of a number of significant recent developments for Hangzhou Hangyang, having achieved accreditation for the qualification of non-destructive testing from the EU for its wholly-owned subsidiary, Jiangxi Oxygen Plant Manufacturing Company Limited (Jiangyang).

After two months of detailed preparation, the quality inspection department of Jiangyang passed the on-site training and examination conducted by Lloyds British; four inspection personnel were accredited the qualification of a total of 12 items of Class II Non-destructive inspection personnel. The company also prepared a set of non-destructive inspection procedures according to standards including EN1435, EN1290,EN1714 and EN571-1.

For Jiangyang, the company claims this has laid a firm foundation for its products to enter EU countries.

Hangyang has also laid the foundations for its venture into the rare and specialty gases business recently, with a ground-breaking ceremony held in Quzhou in April for a new rare gases extraction and testing project. With an area of 72,000m2, the site will be home to rare gas plants and an area for an ASU in the second phase in the future, among other installations.