Project Porthos has signed an agreement with Air Liquide, Air Products, ExxonMobil and Shell to collectively work on preparations for the capture, transport and storage of carbon dioxide in Rotterdam.

Project Porothos, which stands for, Port of Rotterdam CO2 Transport Hub and Offshore Storage, is working to prepare the Port of Rotterdam to transport CO2 from industry and store it into empty gas fields beneath the North Sea seabed. 

The carbon capture will take place at Air Liquide, Air Products, ExxonMobil and Shell refineries and hydrogen production facilities in Rotterdam. The transport and storage of the CO2 beneath the North Sea will be prepared by Porthos.

Carbon capture and storage is an important element in achieving the Dutch Climate Agreement objects and is also needed for the production of climate-neutral blue hydrogen, which will enable to Dutch hydrogen economy to quickly take off.

The commitment from the four companies is not binding, and the businesses can withdraw at any time. Other companies are also able to join the project.