Eugene Superfreeze, a subsidiary of Eugene Group, is building the world’s first energy fully-independent cryogenic distribution centre in South Korea - and it’s expected to be completed in December 2018.

The mega-hub for frozen food products is being built in Pyeongtaek and will cover South Korea and China territories.

The Pyeongtaek Oseong Cryogenic Distribution Centre, which is the world’s first cryogenic logistics centre designed to combine LNG cooling technology, solar technology, and fuel cell technology, and to use no external energy at all, will include three huge warehouses, capable of storing around 120,000 tonnes of frozen products, a processing plant, and an office workshop. 


Source: EUGENE Superfreeze

Eugene plans to build a fully catered cryogenic distribution centre by installing solar panels, fuel cell power generation, and ESS (energy storage system). The existing LNG cooling technology could be used just next to the LNG gas station, but the Eugene cryogenic temperature has overcome the limitations of its position by introducing the world’s first energy-efficient hybrid technology that can be used even when the distance is far away.

This project, which will be the largest and most advanced cold chain, low temperature complex facility in Korea, provides business sites in Gyeonggi Province and Pyeongtaek City, Korea Gas Corporation and Tokyo Gas Engineering Solution actively support it. A large-scale project with foreign direct investment (FDI) is expected to be completed in December 2018, accounting for more than one-third of the total project costs of KRW 300 billion.

Lee Kyung-sun, Chairman of Eugene Group, said, “We will actively develop technology and challenge to overcome limitations in the future. It is the first case in the world that has overcome regional limitations without using any external energy. It will be a successful model to become a new role model for the Korean logistics industry.”