The first of the five horizontal Chart Ferox LNG tanks has been completed, and is now ready to be transported to Norway.

The five tanks that will form the centre of this record-breaking LNG satellite plant are on order from Gasnor AS of Avaldsnes, Norway.

The tanks, each with a gross volume of 683m3, will be transported by the Port of Hamburg.

Included in the delivery are also ten of the largest ambient air vaporizers ever built as well as other accessory equipment needed to deliver gaseous natural gas, safely and efficiently. The facility will supply natural gas to ELKEM\\$quot;s new anode plant at Mosjoen.

Chart Ferox is the prime contractor for all engineering and design and will deliver all equipment needed for the installation. InterGas, Chart Ferox\\$quot; strategic partner in Norway, will install the equipment and also participate in the final start-up.

The completed plant will have a capacity to deliver 6500 Nm3/hr of natural gas. The facility will be completed in two stages. The first, consisting of three HT683, is scheduled to deliver gas by December 2006 with the completed installation operating in March 2007.