International leader in high-precision sensing, Michell Instruments has been selected by a major nitrogen generator supplier to provide its XTP601 oxygen analyser to ensure nitrogen (N2) quality as part of its engineered systems for the oil and gas industry in the middle east.

The nitrogen generating systems must be able to deal with large variations in ambient temperatures found in deserts and tropics, from sub-zero to above 55°C. Michell’s oxygen analyser is ideally suited for such applications as its design, containing no moving parts of consumables, allows the instrument to operate reliably and efficiently in harsh climatic conditions.

As corrosive environments are often found in coastal and offshore installations, the analyser has also been designed to cope with harsh environmental conditions.

The Michell XTP601 Oxygen Analyser

Michell emphasised the reliability of the product, stating that the only routine maintenance required is a field adjustment every six months. This is due to the non-depleting nature of the thermo-paramagnetic sensing technology.

Its compact size and integrated HMI (Human Machine Interface) allows for easy installation and use by operators, a useful feature when used in hazardous areas – for which the XTP601 has global hazardous area approvals.

In addition to its simple installation and use, the through-the-glass touch-screen interface means it can be commissioned, set up and adjusted at the point of installation without the need to apply for a hot works permit or to install a remote interface in a safe area.