Air Liquide Hangzhou (ALHZ) will supply Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation with 3 new ASUs.

The signing between the Chinese Engineering Centre and Anshan, represents the second major contract between the two companies. Air Liquide had previously been chosen to provide three air separation plants.

The new contract will be for the supply of three new air separation units (ASUs) with a capacity of 35,000 m3/h of oxygen each, at the Ying Kou site. Ying Kou is a port north of Beijing, in the Liaoning Province.

The large volumes of oxygen will be injected in the blast furnaces and converters, which will enables faster combustion, higher temperatures and greater efficiency. The commissioning of these units is due at the end of 2006.

Commenting on the new contract, Francois Darchis, member of the Air Liquide Executive Committee said, “In total, Anshan has ordered six ASUs from Air Liquide within the last four years. We feel honoured by its ongoing confidence in the competence and dedication of our Hangzhou teams. Our Engineering centre definitely proves to be a strong competitive advantages in our success in Asia at large and in China in Particular.”

Air Liquide Hangzhou was founded in 1995 to design and manufacture cutting edge production plants fir the Group and for third parties in China and Abroad. In 2004, ALHZ signed contracts with local and international customers worth around €150 million.