Coca-Cola manufacturer and distributor Southern Bottlers (Sobo) says it is experiencing a shortfall in food grade carbon dioxide in Malawi.

According to the Daily Times in Malawi the company has attributed the shortage to their suppliers, BOC and Afrox, in the country and South Africa who are struggling to get sufficient stocks from the primary carbon dioxide sources.

The company spokeswoman said production for soft drinks is currently being undertaken at a small scale and confirmed that they risk incurring losses in the process. \\$quot;Locally, we are supplied with carbon dioxide by BOC Gases and Afrox in South Africa. Since we are not having a full production for soft drinks, losses are inevitable but we hope the situation will be normalised soon.\\$quot;

Southern Bottlers statement said: \\$quot;We regret any inconvenience caused and experienced by our customers and consumers. We have been assured by our carbon dioxide suppliers that everything is being done to normalise the situation as soon as possible. This shortage has affected our neighbours as well.\\$quot;

The shortage of food grade carbon dioxide at Sobo has led to low supplies of soft drink on the market with consumers scrambling for the little that the company is producing at the moment.