MAN Cryo, the marine LNG fuel-gas system manufacturing arm of MAN Energy Solutions, has announced that it is to supply an LNG fuel-gas supply system to Norwegian ship owner Egil Ulvan Renderi.

The system will be used for a multi-purpose palletized cargo and refrigerated vessel newbuild, also known as a LoLo (Lift-on/Life-Off). The vessel is designed by Norwegian designer Multi Maritime, which already counts a number of LNG-powered vessels in its portfolio.

The vessel itself will be built in the Tersan shipyard in Turkey, and will become the sixth to built there equipped with a marine fuel-gas system by MAN Cryo since 2016. Delivery is expected for late 2020, gasworld understands.


Source: MAN Cryo/Multi Maritime

A graphical rendering of the proposed new vessel.

Arild Hoff, CEO at Egil Ulvan Rederi, spoke of the reasons behind MAN Cryo’s involvement in the project, “MAN Cryo has been chosen as supplier for the LNG fuel-gas system based on the company’s track record of complex LNG solutions. There was no doubt early in the process that MAN Cryo was the preferred supplier because they showed the right level of understanding and know-how to meet our requirements.”

Louise Anderson, Head of MAN Cryo, added, “This specialized vessel makes its own unique demands for reliability and redundancy and we are happy to rise to the challenge with an innovative solution that includes a vertical fuel tank. Ulvan’s interest in clean technology goes hand in glove with our ambition to become a leading supplier of LNG-fuelled solutions.”

MAN Cryo’s scope of supply for the vessel includes a vertical, vacuum insulated LNG tank (364m3), a complex tank connection space with two redundant LNG supply trains, and an LNG cold recovery evaporator.

MAN Cryo

MAN Energy Solutions took over fuel gas specialist Cryo AB in 2015 and fully integrated it into its business.

Under the brand MAN Cryo, the company offers systems for the storage, distribution and handling of liquefied gases.