Diesel engine and turbomachinery specialist, MAN Diesel & Turbo, has hit the millennium mark after successfully delivering its 1,000th turbocharger to two-stage turbocharged applications.

The ECOCHARGE principle combines a low-pressure turbocharger with a high-pressure stage, with the intercooler positioned in between resulting in a significant reduction of energy needed to compress the intake air to high pressure.

This added efficiency cultivates the reduction of nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions, whilst the improved scavenging efficiencies from the ECOCHARGE system also makes engine fuel stretch further.

It also facilitates the use of a smaller engine, which gives the same power output to that of a larger traditional, single-stage turbocharging unit. The diagram below outlines the ECOCHARGE’s main features;

Man diesel and turbo turbocharger infogram

MAN ECOCHARGE arrangement on an MAN V35/44G TS engine

The German corporation first evaluated two-stage turbocharging technology back in the 1970s, and developed the MAN ECOCHARGE in 2000 – improving its four-stroke portfolio with a combination of low and high-pressure stages and intercooling.

Ragnar Olafsson, Head of Sales OEM Applications Turbocharger at the corporation, outlined how the milestone was achieved, “Besides our core company business that covers marine and power applications, we also deliver a large number of our turbochargers to other engine builders throughout the world.”