Union Engineering, a leading company involved in the recovery, extraction and production of carbon dioxide (CO2), has revealed it is carrying through a generational change in its management.

With prospects of continued strong growth in activities and turnover, the managerial change is effective as of 1st January 2009 to strengthen the overall management resources within Union Engineering.

Peter Kriklywi takes over the post of Managing Director and CEO, having been employed by the company since 1992 and most recently served as COO. Niels Ammundsen will now assume the position of COO after previously serving as Business Unit Manager of Industrial Gases.

Michael Mortensen joins the management as CSO, while Heidi Thousgaard Jørgensen, 38 years old, continues as CFO.

The resigning management team is still attached to Union Engineering, with Niels Olesen, (formerly Managing Director and CEO) joining the Board of Directors along with Director Claus Holm-Søberg.

Strong development
Union Engineering is involved in the development, production and marketing of plants for the recovery, extraction and production of CO2. Since 2002, the company has experienced a strong development whereby the turnover in the period up to 2008 has increased by 20% annually on average.

The company’s strong growth could perhaps also be attributed to the increasing significance of its area of business, where such technology and applications take on ever-growing importance in a cleaner, greener world.

Within the past few years, Union Engineering has focussed on new business segments comprising carbon dioxide plants for desalination plants, whereby sea water is converted into drinking water, as well as CO2 recovery plants for the cleaning of flue gas from power plants.

The increasing focus on the climate and reduction in CO2 emissions has also implied that Union’s knowhow within the recovery and cleaning of CO2 becomes increasingly applicable commercially. The company has entered into agreement for the supply of CO2-technology to a number of Coca-Cola bottlers, whereby the annual CO2 emission is reduced by more than 40% by the installation of a CHP plant together with Union Engineering’s CO2 recovery plant.