The Mariupol test-experimental plant, jointly with company Linde Gas Ukraine, has introduced a cryogenic tank which provides the production workshops with industrial gases and in particular, oxygen.

The cryogenic storage tank is planned to operate at 18 bar pressure and with a capacity of 9350 м3. Linde Gas Ukraine will provide the delivery and filling of liquid oxygen to the site. The transporting tanks are equipped with cryogenic pumps, which allow weathering of liquid oxygen without stopping production and also eliminate the losses of pressure upgrades in a tank and uploading of pressure from gasification.

Application of oxygen by means of direct gasification enables the receipt of high-quality of metal’s cutting (by comparison to bullon oxygen) due to saving high-quality purity of oxygen. The introduction of gasification implemented another stage in the program of modernization of purveying production at the Mariupol test-experimental plant.