The market for pressure sensors in Japan has passed the ¥3bn mark and while the market is expected to be flat in 2007, a slow growth is anticipated again as of next year.

Pressure sensors are one of the gas related equipments for use in semiconductor production facilities.

Pressure sensors are devices which change the pressure of the gas medium and liquid into an amount of electricity and are used for measuring the intensity of pressure. Using the degree of distortion corresponding to the thin film component called diaphragm, the pressure is changed into an amount of electricity.

Such devices for use with electronics gas had moved along at an annual level of ¥2bn during the 1990’s, reaching ¥2.2bn in 2000 and after ups and downs through the years, reached ¥2.5bn in 2005. In 2006 this further increased to over ¥3bn and while the market is forecast to be flat this year, a slow growth is anticipated from 2008 onwards.