Marotta Controls is now evaluating pressurised components for spacecraft with its new cryogenic test stand, located at the company’s New Jersey facility in the US.

An open top system that uses liquid helium to achieve temperatures lower than -232°C to simulate environmental conditions in space, the stand can be used to collect data for design validation during the development and qualification testing process or as part of environmental stress screening of production units.

The stand installation follows a series of dedicated initiatives driven by Marotta to serve the growing commercial space market. For example, in 2020, the company introduced its first set of CoRe® solenoid valves for cryogenic temperatures designed for commercial launch vehicles.

Already looking at future expansion opportunities, the storage dewar used in the new test stand has a usable volume of 300 cubic inches, making it an optimal container size for large cryogenic components – an important feature as Marotta looks to expand its valve offering to include larger rocket engine components.

Brian Ippolitto, Director of Aerospace Systems Engineering at Marotta Controls, said, “We have a history of taking our designs from conception through to testing under our own roof as we feel this is the best way to ensure quality and ROI for our customers.”

“And now, with the cryogenic test stand, we can validate and verify any and all flight-critical components so customers can test like they fly. We continue to invest in this dynamic market to ensure we meet current customer needs while positioning ourselves for future program developments.”