Mass Flow ONLINE B.V., specialist in low flow measurement and control, is proud to announce the extension of their differential fuel flow metres ­- the FUEL-VIEW.

For local readout purposes, these models are now available with a bright and multi-functional LCD display, powered by an embedded lithium-silicon battery.

The magnetic selector key that comes with the instrument enables the user to operate the display easily. The display features 12 different data values which provide information about the (differential) flow rate, counter values, operation times and so on. In order to avoid false readings, metre damage or blocking, the FUEL-VIEW has display modes of protection against malicious acts of third parties.

Featuring a complete standalone operation, the new differential FUEL-VIEW metres are suitable for organising fuel consumption monitoring systems that do not require additional hardware or software. FUEL-VIEW series can be installed on machinery for monitoring the flow or consumption of diesel fuel, heating oil, burner oil, motor fuel, biofuel and other liquid fuels and mineral oils with kinematic viscosity of 1.5 up to 6 mm2/s.

The FUEL-VIEW is a direct volumetric fuel consumption measurement device with ring- type measuring chambers. The operating principle of differential diesel metres is to calculate the fuel consumption as a difference between the flow rates in supply and return fuel lines of the engine. The instruments can be mounted in any position and can be supplied in measurement ranges from 10 l/h up to 500 l/h at max. 25 bar pressure rating.



Source: Mass Flow ONLINE