Sales have skyrocketed since Afrox’s Service Exchange scheme (Servex™) was re-introduced in 2012 in response to numerous customer requests, proving that this scheme is acknowledged by the market as a genuine value add.

Under this scheme, standard welding and cutting equipment that is not in good working order can be instantly exchanged for a reconditioned equivalent at a reduced price, without having to wait for repairs to be carried out.

“The major advantage of the Servex™ scheme is that it ensures welding and cutting equipment is always in good working order,” says Afrox’s Lourens le Roux. “At Afrox safety is paramount and we’ve found that Servex™ offers a safer alternative to customers making use of ‘pirate’ repaired equipment, which poses a risk, because this practice utilises non-standard and second-hand components to get equipment working. For safety reasons, we strongly discourage customers from attempting to carry out internal repairs on Afrox regulators, flashback arrestors or torches.”

“Servex™ makes it easy to exchange an old or damaged piece of Afrox equipment for a new, safety-certified product at a well discounted price. There is no reason why customers cannot afford to be safe and compliant.”

Servex™ is available on the Afrox Saffire® and Saffire® Legend 916 ranges and all Servex™ units carry the customary one-year and five-year warranties, as well as all the standards and certifications applicable to the new versions.

The Servex™ scheme covers the following equipment:

Reg S8500 AGM 150 (W021851); Reg S8500 OGM 400 (W021852); Reg S8500 OGM 1000 (W021854) Reg Legend 916 OGM 1000 (W021004);

Reg Legend 916 AGM 150 (W021001); Reg Legend 916 OVM 1000 (W021010); Reg Legend 916 AVM 150 (W021003); Reg PortaPak® DA AGSP-1 (W021099); Reg PortaPak® O2 OGS-2 (W021097); Shieldmaster® Flowmeter CO2/Argon (W021037); Type 2 Cutting Attachment (W021070); Type 2 Shank (W021069); Universal Cutting Torch (W021067); Saffire® Legend 916 Cutting Torch (W021066).