Compressed gas equipment transport solutions provider MATAR srl has created a new lightweight vehicle in cooperation with industrial gas corporation SIAD.

The LightPro trailer is based on Type 3 cylinders and has been designed to safely transport as much gas as possible whilst maintaining the lowest possible overall weight.

The new product line was developed after major gas producer SIAD called for more advanced, safer and higher performing compressed gas transport solutions.

MATAR therefore designed the LightPro trailers to meet SIAD’s stringent guidelines in terms of transport safety conditions, operative safety and global risk assessment compliance.

The vehicles are constructed of high-performing, light structural steel and their lightweight Type 3 aluminium liner cylinders feature long lasting gas stability and fast filling capacity.

A SIAD spokesperson said that MATAR’s LightPro trailer showed “an impressive step-ahead in terms of gas transport efficiency, global safety, applied technology and overall value,” compared to other heavy jumbo trailers that tend to monopolise the Italian market.

Created for industrial gas transportation, MATAR’s LightPro trailer has been manufactured and approved in accordance with TPED and ADR/RID European standards.

Siad light pro trailer

Source: SIAD