MATHESON and Daedeok Gas Co., Ltd. (DDG) have entered into a long term helium supply agreement.

The long-term supply deal will see MATHESON fill 11,000 gallon liquid helium containers and ship them to Daedeok’s transfill facility in South Korea.

Daedeok will transfill the helium into tube trailers, cylinders and dewars at their Gunsan facility, South Korea, and resell it throughout South Korea. DDG’s helium filling station is expected to start up during the second half of 2015.

“This agreement is another example of the benefits offered by our supply reliability and the confidence our customers have in MATHESON.” said Steve Eckhardt, Director of Helium Sourcing and International Sales for MATHESON.

“We are excited to enter the South Korean market with a strong local helium dealer and look forward to supporting DDG as they expand their helium business in the coming years.”

“MATHESON is a global helium supplier and we are confident in their ability to deliver the products and service we need.” said Yu-Shin Park, President of DDG. “This agreement will further strengthen our industrial gas supply position in the fast-growing western region of the country.”

MATHESON manages the global helium business of its parent company, Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (“TNSC”), under the name Matheson Global Helium.

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