Matheson Tri-Gas Inc. has announced that the Dubai-based Global Gases Group has signed the company’s Global ENABLE sm Process Approved Distributor Agreement, with the agreement forming an exclusive specialty gas marketing alliance in the Middle Eastern countries.

The alliance will allow the marketing of specialty gases to customers requiring value added products and services in oil/petrochemical, environmental, energy, laboratory, and other market segments. Under the umbrella of Matheson Tri-Gas’ Global ENABLE sm Program, which provides technology, know-how, and marketing expertise in the field, specialty gas products will be produced, marketed, and sold under the dual brands of Global Gases and Matheson-Tri-Gas.

Plans will begin in June 2008, to construct a state of the art specialty gas producing facility by Global Gases in Dubai.

The new ENABLE sm agreement builds on an existing business relationship between Matheson Tri-Gas and Global Gases, as the US company already supplies Global Gases’ bulk liquid helium requirements since January 2007 - under an agreement that gives Global Gases exclusive rights to distribute Matheson Tri-Gas’ helium in the Middle East.

Deepak Mehta, Managing Director & CEO of Global Gases Group, commented, “We are very excited to sign on as the first International Global ENABLE sm Process Approved Distributor for Matheson Tri-Gas Inc. and Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation. The Matheson Tri-Gas brand name is highly respected in the Oil & Gas sector of the Middle-East. The customers will now be able to receive specialty gas products locally from Global Gases in Dubai made with Matheson’s technology and know how.”

“This alliance in specialty gases will expand our relationship with Matheson Tri-Gas and Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation to enable the company’s continued aggressive growth in the Middle East,” Mehta added.

The Global Gases Group, headquartered in Dubai, is a leading player in the supply of diving & welding gases to both onshore and offshore projects.

With production and distribution facilities in Dubai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Baku and Cape Town, the group is strategically located to service the buoyant offshore industry of the Middle East, South East Asia, Caspian and West Africa and represents an ideal partner for the Matheson Tri-Gas programme.

Rick Kowey, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Matheson Tri-Gas’ Global Specialty Gas Group, stated, “We are pleased to have finalised this agreement with the Global Gases Group. It is an exciting step forward to making this partnership a success. Our partnership with Global Gases Group will reinforce our leadership position in the Middle Eastern countries, and will greatly enhance the value of both companies.”

Global Gases has already achieved a significant market share in the Middle East as a result of its existing liquid helium agreement and Matheson Tri-Gas also supplies Global Gases’ helium requirements at its Singapore and Cape Town transfills under the alliance.

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