MATHESON Tri-Gas, Inc. has agreed to pay $1m to settle air quality violations from its specialty gases facility in Upper Hanover Township, Montgomery County.

The Tier One corporation purchased the Montgomery County site from Advanced Gas Technologies (AGT) in November 2008 and began operations of a compressed gas production facility. In 2012, it was determined that Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions from the plant were significantly higher than originally recorded at the time of sale.

In addition to this violation, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) revealed that MATHESON operated the specialty gas plant in Pennsylvania without the necessary permits or control devices for five years.

A thermal oxidiser was installed at the facility in December 2013 to help control emissions, with DEP highlighting that MATHESON has “worked promptly” to resolve all violations and subsequently attain the necessary permits and approvals.

The $1m settlement will be paid to the Pennsylvania Clean Air Fund.

At the time of writing, MATHESON had not yet responded with a comment.