MATHESON has launched a public-facing program focused on providing insight into the company’s principles of safety, quality, customer focus, and sustainability.

The company has named the program, ‘The Right Way’ and explains that it will enable Matheson to harmonize the public-facing presentation of its principles with its existing internal programs.

“Focusing on Safety, Quality, Customer Focus, and Sustainability is not a new idea at Matheson. ‘The Right Way’ is a name that is continuous with existing programs at Matheson,” said chairman and CEO, William J. Kroll.

“It’s a simple phrase that succinctly embodies our outlook in how we do things.”

At the core of The Right Way program is the safety and wellbeing of Matheson employees and customers, stewardship for the environment and the community, assurance of uninterrupted supply of product, and exemplary service for the industries the company serves, as well as the long-term strength of Matheson itself.

Quality and customer focus are also cited as ‘core elements’ of a sustainable Matheson business model.

According to Rick Kowey, executive vice president and Matheson’s chief marketing officer, “As a solution provider on a global scale, it became important that we articulate our core principles in a way that is open and visible to our stakeholders as well as the communities in which we operate.”

“This is not just about what happens inside Matheson. It also involves our supply chain, partners, and customers.”

More information about the new program can be found at: