MATHESON has launched a Limited Edition series of custom welding helmets designed for welders who seek a distinctive look. The company offer the new line in recognition of the welding profession.
MATHESON released the exclusive series to mark the start of the MATHESON Select line of welding products, tools and related supplies. The company promises high performance, competitively priced goods with this new line.
The welding helmets have begun limited edition release. Customers can specify one of three lens types to meet their specific needs. The Number 1 protective helmet features a specially commissioned green, yellow and black custom design. MATHESON commissioned Fred Sicoli, owner of Killer Kreations in Philadelphia, to customise the head-gear.
In an official press statement, MATHESON described the helmets as, “a tribute to welders world-wide, in recognition of the value of welders and the welding profession in daily living.”