MATHESON has published a 16-page guide that includes valuable information on how to safely handle compressed gases in the laboratory and plant.

The guide reviews the hazards involved with using compressed gases, the OSHA regulations, and the general precautions that should be followed when using compressed gases.

The guide offers an extensive review of gas cylinders, including US Department of Transportation markings, US DOT cylinder fill limits, and proper storage and handling. Also included is a section on ‘Knowing the Gas to be Handled’. This section reviews the properties of a compressed gas that represent hazards, such as flammability, toxicity, chemical activity, and corrosive effects.

For safe delivery of high pressure gases, descriptions of different types of pressure relief devices, control valves, excess flow valves, and pressure regulators are included., Information on additional safety equipment is included such as leak detectors, flash arrestors, cylinder holders, racks and carts, gas storage cabinets, and gas scales.

MATHESON has also expanded its MATHESON Select® line of welding products recently, to include high performance MIG, TIG, Carbon Arc Gouging and associated products, and a full line of Electrode Holders, Ground Clamps, Cable Connectors and accessories.

The newly added products include a range of MIG guns, TIG torches, and carbon arc gouging torches. This equipment and accessories are offered in a variety of configurations to best meet user requirements. Direct connects and adapters ensure compatibility with virtually any machine.

The new rollout also includes a full complement of associated MATHESON Select® MIG, TIG, and gouging accessories, including electrode holders, cable connectors, ground clamps, lugs, and more.