Matheson Tri-Gas has gained global distribution rights of Pioneer Materials target product lines for the CIGS Photovoltaic Market.

Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc. and Pioneer Materials, Inc. have announced they have entered into a global exclusive distribution agreement for Pioneer Materials’ products.

Matheson Tri-Gas will distribute Pioneer Materials product lines which include target, powders and other forms of compounds including CIGS (copper indium gallium selenium), CIS (copper indium di-sulphide) and other related compounds used in the rapidly growing thin-film photovoltaic market.

Kevin Finn, Executive VP, Electronics and Solar, Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc. explains, “Combined with our Hydrogen Selenide offering produced at our New Johnsonville facility in TN, this partnership with Pioneer Materials will position Matheson Tri-Gas as the leading and comprehensive material supplier for the CIGS photovoltaic cell manufacturing process.”

“We are very pleased to access the expertise of Pioneer Materials in specialty compound formation, its world class manufacturing operations in Chengdu, China, and its knowledgeable technical support capability of their team. Combined with our global sales and marketing capability and leading position in the electronics and solar industries, we can serve the customers in the growing CIGS market worldwide.”

Leon Chiu, President, Pioneer Materials, Inc. added, “This transaction with Matheson Tri-Gas enables Pioneer Materials, Inc. to scale up production levels to meet the growing demands of the thin-film photovoltaic industry.

Pioneer Materials is well-positioned to be a global source of key compounds required for clean energy applications with access to critical raw materials, processing expertise, and now a distribution footprint.”

“Matheson Tri-Gas combines worldwide sales, marketing and logistics expertise with its leadership in high-purity specialty gases, materials applications and R&D capabilities, and state-of-the-art purification, and analytical development for the electronics and solar sector to bring the products to market.

Pioneer Materials, Inc. has developed expertise in the manufacturing of various compounds used for photovoltaics and thermo-electrics. Together, Matheson Tri-Gas and Pioneer Materials will meet the emerging worldwide demand for critical materials used in energy harvesting applications.”