Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc., has announced plans to build a helium transfill facility in Irwindale, California. The Irwindale transfill, which will be co-located with an existing air separation plant (ASU), will be Matheson Tri-Gas' third helium transfill in the U.S. and mother company, TNSC's thirteenth worldwide.

The Irwindale transfill will be capable of supplying bulk gaseous helium and liquid helium to end customers and distributors, primarily in the Southern California market. The facility will also manage bulk helium shipments to TNSC's Japan Helium Centre joint venture in Japan, as well as shipments to other Asian markets.

According to Phil Kornbluth, executive vice president, Matheson Tri-Gas Global Helium, $quot;The Irwindale site was selected due to its proximity to existing and potential Matheson Tri-Gas helium customers, as well as its excellent access to the Long Beach, California container port. We were also able to reduce the cost of the transfill by locating it at the site of our existing ASU.$quot;

The Irwindale facility is expected to be operational by the end of 2007.