Matheson Tri-Gas (MTG) plans to expand its capability of the Advanced Technology Centre in Longmont, Colorado.
The plans are part of the company’s overall growth strategy to meet the demands of advanced semiconductor manufacturing, and the facility will focus on emerging material technologies and process solutions required by customers.

Plans include expansion to the clean-room manufacturing facilities and the R&D facilities; the clean-room facilities will be used to build gas and molecule delivery systems for the global semiconductor industry, whilst the R&D facilities will be used for the advanced development of materials technologies to include molecule development, purification and molecule delivery systems used in advanced semiconductor manufacturing on a global basis.

The plans call for an estimated 25,000 square foot expansion, which Matheson Tri-Gas hopes to finish no later than July 2009.

In order to devote enough time and energy to the development of molecule technology and delivery systems, MTG has also announced it has divested itself of the SEMI-GAS® gas cabinet product line in North America, to Applied Energy Systems of Malvern, PA.

Scott Pufahl, General Manager of Matheson Tri-Gas Equipment Business Group said, “Our overall growth strategy calls for investing in developing cutting-edge molecule technology and delivery systems. We are fortunate to have found such a capable company as AES to continue to serve the North American market with the existing world-class SEMI-GAS® products.”