Matheson Tri-Gas has announced the availability of its new LPX Series of Cylinder Switchover panels designed for handling gases with low source pressures.

Cylinder switchover systems are used to automatically switch from an empty cylinder to a full one, without disturbing or interrupting the flow of gas.

The operating range of the LPX Switchovers makes them ideal for use with propane, propylene, LP mixtures, and fuel gas mixes. In addition, the LPX Switchovers can be used with liquid dewars containing oxygen, nitrogen, argon, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, and more.

Cylinder Switchover Systems are essential in any application where continuous gas flow is either desired as convenient, or necessary to maintain uptime of a working system. An empty gas cylinder can be changed out while the other cylinder is on-line, resulting in the continuous flow of gas.

The new LPX Low Pressure Switchovers are designed for reliable and consistent performance at cylinder/dewar pressures as low as 80 psig; output delivery pressure can be set up to 50 psig.

Matheson Tri-Gas offers Cylinder Switchover Systems for a wide range of applications, including both high and low pressure systems.

Any non-corrosive gas with a vapour pressure between 80 and 400 psig is ideal for use with the LPX Low Pressure Switchover. Gases at higher pressures should be used with Matheson Tri-Gas SwitchPro™ Switchovers.

Many CGA configurations are available as standard features, and custom fittings can be ordered; options include indicating pressure switches, source pressure alarm monitors, and vent valves.

Models are offered in either brass or stainless steel, with standard 3 foot flex hoses and check valves built-in.