Matheson Tri-Gas Inc. and China’s Jiyang Technology & Development Co. Ltd. have announced that the two companies recently entered into a long-term helium supply agreement.

The agreement will see Matheson Tri-Gas fill 11,000 gallon containers with helium at its US sources and ship these to Jiyang’s transfill facility in Shanghai, China.

For its part of the deal, Jiyang will transfill the helium into smaller containers at its Shanghai facility and resell it throughout mainland China. Helium deliveries under the new agreement commenced during April.

John Bigham, Director of Product Management and Global Logistics at Matheson Tri-Gas Global Helium, explained positively, “This agreement with Jiyang allows Matheson Tri-Gas to enter the Chinese helium market with a strong local distributor and immediately secure a significant market share.”

Jiyang Technology & Development Co. appears just as enthusiastic about the newly announced deal.

According to the company’s President XingZun Li, “Jiyang is extremely pleased to be aligned with a global helium supplier such as Matheson Tri-Gas. Our partnership with Matheson Tri-Gas provides Jiyang with improved security of supply and enhances our competitive position within the rapidly growing Chinese helium market.”

As the largest independent reseller of helium on China, Jiyang Technology & Development Co., Ltd. serves three primary markets within China. These include the supply of liquid and gaseous helium, as well as the associated cryogen filling service, maintenance of MRI and CT scanners and other medical equipment, and ownership and operation of MRI and CT scanners at various hospitals.

Matheson Tri-Gas meanwhile, manages the global helium business of its parent company, Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (TNSC), under the name Matheson Tri-Gas Global Helium. TNSC is the leading helium supplier in Japan and is one of only six industrial gas companies in the world with direct access to sources of helium.