The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) awarded Matheson Tri-Gas several prestigious environmental and safety awards.

Chairman and CEO of Matheson Tri-Gas, William J Kroll, said, “Safety is our highest priority and these awards reflect the outstanding performance of all our employees. All of our team-mates should be very proud of what we have accomplished and that all our hard work has been recognised.”

Joe Barnett, Vice President of Safety Engineering for Matheson Tri-Gas was presented with the Charles H Glasier Safety Award at the 97th CGA Annual Meeting. The award is distributed annually to an individual for excellent safety leadership through participation in the Compressed Gas Association.

In addition, the company received an Environmental Recognition Award. This was given in recognition of the Arsine Neutralisation Tank Process Scrubber project, managed by Kurt Meyer, Ken Owens and Harold Spicer.

Matheson was also re-awarded two titles; the Environmental Recognition Award and the Leonard Parker Pool Award for Group II. The former was won as a result of the Cylinder Recycle Project, managed by Joe Barnett, while the latter went in recognition of outstanding improved safety performance throughout the previous two years.

The CGA, a long-standing major industrial and medical gas association, promotes safety standards and safe practice.