Maxon Lift Corporation cut the ribbon on a new 27,000 square foot galvanizing facility on Feb. 22, 2016.

The new facility is adjacent to Maxon’s main factory and will allow Maxon to handle its galvanizing completely in-house, reducing lead times. The company expects it will be fully operational by the end of March.

Maxon, which has been in the manufacturing liftgates and other trucking equipment since its founding in 1957, has been spearheading the promotion of galvanizing as the ultimate solution for corrosion protection of liftgates.

All part of the plan

“Maxon’s vision for an in-house galvanizing facility has been a long-term planned investment that has come to fruition,” said Brent Stratton, Co-President. “We are proud of this grand achievement and welcome our customers for future visits to our corporate headquarters in California and our manufacturing plant during the 2016 calendar year.”

Specifically built for galvanizing liftgates, the company believes the new facility will allow for 100 percent quality control and unmatched output.