Maxx Cut & Weld®, a subsidiary of Air Products, has now introduced smaller volumes of welding gas to its Maxx® range.

The new product is available in 200 and 230 bar 10 litre compressed gas cylinders technology and is ideal for enthusiasts looking for small volumes of high quality, high performance cutting and welding gases.

It offers leading weld quality, productivity and safety across a range of materials and thicknesses, excellent penetration, minimal spatter and low fume levels.

Kevin Sherry, Lead Application Specialist- UK and Ireland Metal Fabrication Team at Air Products, explains, “The Maxx® weld process gas range is all about providing bespoke solutions to meet each users’ unique set of needs. Maxx Cut & Weld® is the latest addition to this range, and has been developed by our expert applications team to ensure smaller volume users can benefit from the highest levels of weld quality and productivity.”