The Mazda Motor Corporation has built the first Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE vehicle with Norwegian specifications, developed specifically for participation in HyNor, Norway’s national hydrogen project.

The first vehicle will take part in ceremonies on 11th May, marking the official opening of HyNor’s hydrogen filling stations.

The HyNor project appears set to propel Norway to the forefront of the the hydrogen motoring agenda, as it aims to enable hydrogen vehicles to travel along a 580km route between Stavanger and Oslo.

A chain of filling stations is to be established, with Mazda having agreed to collaborate on the project in November 2007.

Mazda began validation of th RX-8 Hydrogen RE car's driving performance on Norwegian public roads in October 2008 and is now believed have built the vehicle.

The RX-8 Hydrogen RE will undergo certification to meet local standards and will be used for maintenance staff training, with Mazda planning to commence leasing of Norwegian specification models in Norway in summer 2009.

Unlike the RX-8 Hydrogen RE currently being leased in Japan, the HyNor-specification model is based on the latest European-specification Mazda RX-8, with left-hand drive and a manual transmission.