The engineering of two transformative 50MW energy projects that could each produce nearly 24,000kg of renewable hydrogen a day is now complete, McDermott International confirmed today (12th April).

Located in the US, each facility leverages New Energy Development Company’s proprietary design to power a series of electrolysers to produce green hydrogen and oxygen. The design also provides flexibility to expand production and storage capabilities.

“The engineering ingenuity of this design became a reality through the collaboration of many skilled and talented individuals across our two companies,” said Cesar Canals, Senior Vice-President of CB&I Storage Solutions.

“Companies all over the world are looking for tangible solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and this design provides a valuable hydrogen solution to accomplish that goal.”

“As we look toward the future, we strongly believe that hydrogen will have a very prominent role and we will continue to apply our collective expertise to make that future a reality,” added Matthew Harwood, McDermott’s Senior Vice-President of Strategy, Risk and Sustainability.