Australian-based Mineral Carbonation International (MCi), developer of carbon utilisation technology, is attempting to transform large scale carbon dioxide (CO2) into valuable products through mineral carbonation processes.

The company’s goal is to create a viable solution for the major emitting countries as they move away from carbon intensive power generation and industry to more sustainable energy mixes and decarbonised industrial processes.

MCi aims to transform CO2 into stable carbonates and silicates for use in building products like cements, plasterboards, bricks and other valuable industrial products. MCi aims to be part of the rapidly emerging carbon industry which uses CO2 as a raw material not as a waste emission in the emerging carbon utilisation ecosystem.

MCi’s core process reacts captured CO2 with quarried low-grade minerals in a continuous industrial process. This mimics but greatly speeds up the natural weathering by rainfall which produces common types of rocks over millions of years. It is anticipated that the MCi process will be economically viable even without a high carbon price as markets are substituted with these carbon trapped products.

Once proven feasible both economically and environmentally, MCi believes that mineral carbonation plants operating at industrial scale around the world could limit further emissions from big greenhouse gas emitters in cement, steel making and power generation whilst we transition our planet to cleaner forms of energy, to renewables and other zero emission technologies.