Yesterday, McPhy Energy, won a contract to supply a 4 kilogram solid hydrogen storage solution to the Iwatani Corporation.

Since the hydrogen is stored in solid form, as magnesium hydrides, the McPhy system does not require compression. Consequently, it offers a reversible, safe and efficient solution to hydrogen storage.

According to contract terms, McPhy will install a complete system for industrial hydrogen storage at an Iwatani facility located in Japan.

The timing of the contract couldn’t have been better placed, as the agreement was signed just one year after both companies first met at the 2010 International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Expo in Tokyo.

During the interim year, Iwatani took the opportunity to evaluate the McPhy system, having visited installations at two French national research institutions; the National Center for Scientific Research in France, CNRS and the French Atomic Energy Commission, CEA.

Iwatani experts described how Iwatani hoped to promote a hydrogen economy in Japan, they commented, “By supplying hydrogen safely, cheaply and reliably, Iwatani is taking a lead in Japan’s quest for a hydrogen-driven society. The McPhy solid hydrogen storage solution offers a compelling solution to key challenges of this business.”

Pascal Mauberger, CEO of McPhy Energy, was particularly pleased at the contract’s location. He responded, “McPhy Energy is honoured that Japan’s hydrogen leader, Iwatani Corporation, has chosen our solid hydrogen storage system for further evaluation. This marks our first foray into the dynamic and all-important Japanese hydrogen market, and a significant milestone in our strategy of working with industrial leaders in the most promising markets.”