McPhy Energy and CNR will work collaboratively to develop a carbon-free mobility and power-to-gas projects.

McPhy Energy, specialising in hydrogen-based solutions for industrial and energy storage, and CNR (Compagnie Nationale du Rhône), France’s leading 100% renewable energy producer, have entered into a memorandum of understanding for the joint development of hydrogen energy projects, in particular in the zero emission mobility and power-to-gas segments.

Under the terms of this agreement, McPhy Energy will contribute its unique technological expertise and also its energy production and storage equipment, and CNR its intermittent energies production and management know-how to propose new mobility and storage solutions for renewable electricity capable of contributing to sustainable regional development.

The first area for joint development concerns the hydrogen filling stations to be built in Southeast France in 2015 within the framework of the ‘Mobility Hydrogen France’ plan. McPhy Energy will provide its integrated HRS hydrogen production, storage and distribution solutions and CNR its green electricity as well as its solutions for monetising the flexibility of electricity consumption.

McPhy Energy, CNR and their common partner, Symbio FCell, a manufacturer of hydrogen cells, already participate in the Hyway project in the Rhône-Alpes region to deploy a fleet of electrical vehicles equipped with a hydrogen fuel-cell range extender.

CNR and McPhy Energy are part of a consortium for the development of a Power-to-Gas demonstration project to test large-scale renewable electricity storage within the gas supply network.

To promote the renewable hydrogen model in France and in international markets, McPhy Energy and CNR will jointly participate in renewable energies and carbon-free mobility events. On this basis, as at the Renewable and Exhibition held in Lyon in March, McPhy Energy, CNR and Symbio FCell will share a stand at the International Meeting on Ecological Vehicles (Rive 2015) on July 7-8, 2015 to be held at the Alès multi-circuit motorsports complex (Gard, France).

“We are very delighted to have formed this partnership with CNR, a top-tier industry participant that like us, is an active contributor to sustainable development and its region. Together we will build local and sustainable energy models,” explained Pascal Mauberger, McPhy Energy’s Chairman and CEO.

“Green hydrogen offers a way forward for renewable energies by exploiting its possibilities for large-scale storage and new zero emission solutions for land or inland waterways-based mobility. As a company focused on developing the energies of tomorrow, by partnering with companies like McPhy Energy, our goal is to address energy transition challenges at regional levels through innovation’ emphasised Thierry Saegeman, CEO of CNR.