McPhy Energy has modified and adapted an existing hybrid power plant and built the interface to the gas injection system – converting it into a hybrid hydrogen power plant.

Since then, ENERTRAG, one of the largest independent European renewable energy suppliers, has been able to convert more than 100MWh of surplus wind energy into hydrogen and safeguard its energy utilisation through injection into the gas grid. This provides an industrial scale demonstration of the economic potential of power-to-gas.

The heart of the Prenzlau power plant technology is a 0.5MW alkaline electrolyser, making it possible to extract hydrogen from water through surplus electricity. It was built by a division of ENERTRAG, which was acquired by McPhy Energy in September 2013. Through its expertise, McPhy Energy’s subsidy in Wildau (Germany) further optimised this technology to become known as ‘Alcaline 2.0’ electrolysis and developed in-depth experience in integrating it into energy infrastructures such as electrical or natural gas networks. McPhy Energy is a turn-key partner for power-to-gas applications by contributing its equipment and engineering know-how.

The Prenzlau hybrid power plant was built by ENERTRAG and supported by the European Union, Deutsche Bahn, Total and Vattenfall.

Pascal Mauberger, CEO of McPhy Energy, said, “For the integration of hydrogen as an important future vector of our energy system, to have innovative, efficient and competitive products is one thing, but being able to offer our customers application know how plus the capability of executing complex integration projects, will be a crucial component of our success.”