McPhy has successfully delivered hydrogen (H2) production equipment for a power-to-gas application to Jiantou Yanshan (Guyuan) Wind Energy, a subsidiary of the state-owned manufacturer Hebei Construction and Investment Group Co., Ltd, operating in the Hebei province of China.

The 4 MW compact system includes two McLyzer 400 modules, transformers, power electronics, a purification and drying unit and a solid-state storage module. It is scheduled to be installed and commissioned at the end of the year, initiating in the heart of China a complete value chain for surplus electricity of renewable origin.

This delivery raises the total power of large capacity H2 generators delivered by McPhy to 11 MW. Adapted to intermittent renewables, this rapid response H2 generation equipment provides energy companies with a valid solution for maintaining the stability of electrical networks.

MyPhy’s Chairman and CEO, Pascal Mauberger, said, “Whereas energy transition is leading to large-scale installations for the production of renewable electricity, energy companies are faced with the challenge of managing the intermittency of the supply to electrical networks. Based on nearly 10 years of experience in H2 production and storage solutions, we propose, wherever they are located, customer-designed solutions to ensure a balance between energy supply and demand in their networks. Our design, production, delivery and installation chain is now properly scaled to support this international development strategy.”

McLyzer stacks: McPhy Italia plant in San Miniato (Italy)

McLyzer stacks: McPhy Italia plant in San Miniato (Italy)

Source: McPhy