McPhy has announced a new milestone in the development of its hydrogen offering, working with Toyota to complete tests on its 700 bar prototyping and testing platform.

The group has worked with Toyota to successfully complete a testing cycle on its prototyping and testing platform at its Motte Fanjas site in France, the group’s historical base. There, teams from McPhy have worked to design and develop a 700 bar platform.

Refuelling tests were carried out on two vehicles, to test – under real-life conditions – the design concept, the components and the processes for a 700 bar refuelling station, and optimising the user experience prior to market launch.

These tests produced positive results and in particular helped identify areas for future optimisation.

Augmented clean hydrogen solutions: An interview with McPhy 

Pascal Mauberger, Chairman and CEO of McPhy, commented, “Operating on the hydrogen mobility market since 2015, with products positioned to boost the uptake of hydrogen-powered vehicles, McPhy has strengthened its offering with a range of dedicated refuelling stations for 700 bar vehicles. Thanks to our testing platform, and the trials conducted together with Toyota, we are finalising the design of the first of the series, which will be unveiled in October.”

“We are delighted to have been cooperating with teams from Toyota, the leader in zero-carbon mobility, to accelerate the completion of the development of our McFilling 200-700 solution, of which the first deliveries could begin in 2019.”

With its expertise in 700 bar vehicles, Toyota will support McPhy in the process of finalising the development of McFilling 200-700 systems. This will give McPhy a full range of refuelling stations, from 350 bar to 700 bar, and a strong position to meet growing demand in France and abroad and to support its clients in deploying clean mobility solutions on a large scale.

Capital increase

McPhy has also revealed the completion of a €16m capital increase reserved for EDF Nouveaux Business Holding under its industrial and commercial partnership.

The capital increase led to the issue of 3,137,250 new shares, representing around 21.5% of McPhy’s share capital and 21.4% of its voting rights.

Following completion of the capital increase, the share capital now consists of 14,581,630 shares, each with a nominal value of €0.12, representing a total of €1,749,795.60 (€1.7m).