McPhy Energy has revealed a name change and a new visual identity to bolster its position as a key industrial player in the hydrogen (H2) sector.

Now known simply as McPhy, the new name is a fully-fledged brand and has been “streamlined to convey more energy,” according the France-based business.

The original logo’s angle, symbolising a company fully focused on energy, was retained in the revamp, but the typography has been modernised.

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In addition, McPhy’s historic blue colour has been revisited with a deeper shade which is aimed to convey the stability of the business.

Overall, McPhy says that the new visual identity “reflects the diversity in the energy transition strategies deployed by energy specialist and flexibility of the tailored solutions provided by McPhy to address their priorities.”

Chairman and CEO Pascal Mauberger explained, “We strongly believe that the H2 sector occupies a decisive position for the deployment of clean energies and meeting the challenges of modern world: succeeding the energy transition by addressing the environmental and public health challenges as well as requirements for economic performance by creating local value. This conviction is today emphasised and shared through our communications tools.”