McPhy has signed a contract with H2 Mobility Deutschland for its first 700 bar hydrogen (H2) station in Germany.

Located in Berlin, the station is expected to enter service during the last quarter of 2019.

Pascal Mauberger, McPhy’s CEO, said, “At McPhy, we are leading the way forward with our hydrogen technologies for the energy transition and have put clean mobility at the forefront of our efforts over the past few years. We are delighted and proud to have received this order from H2 Mobility Deutschland.”

“Together with the launch of our very high-capacity stations, this first contract bodes very well for the future and demonstrates the potential of our technological and industrial advances. McPhy now offers a full range of H2 stations that covers all types of vehicle and all applications.

”With this first 200 kg per day 700 bar station, cooled to -40°C and compliant with the SAE-J standard, we have demonstrated our successful shift to industrial scale, as well as the appeal of our cost-effective technical solutions and our status as a leading player in the market.”

”Users will be able to fill up their passenger vehicle in less than five minutes, in the same way as for combustion engine vehicles, and their clean vehicles will have a range of several hundred kilometres without emitting any particles causing pollution or making any noise, thereby helping to address the environmental and climate-related challenges we face.”

Nikolas Iwan, Managing Director H2 Mobility Deutschland, added, “We have seen great progress in McPhy’s H2 station design in the last two years and are now looking forward to seeing them in operation.”


Source: McPhy