McPhy, designer, manufacturer and integrator of hydrogen (H2) equipment for the energy, transport and industrial sectors, is supporting its partner ThyssenKrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers (TKUCE) to renovate a thermal power plant in Lebanon.

With this project, TKUCE, specialist in comprehensive high-yield electrolysis solutions and technologies, will be in charge of engineering, and McPhy will be supplying two McLyzer 10-10 generators to equip the cooling systems for the plant’s alternators.

Market growth

The market for on-site H2 production equipment for Power Plant Cooling applications is growing strongly, particularly in emerging regions where H2 logistics infrastructures are relatively underdeveloped, which can make their supply costs very high. By replacing deliveries of H2 cylinder, MycPhy’s solutions are making it possible to ensure reliable supplies, while creating value for their users, which can produce H2 for lower costs.

With a unit capacity of 10kg of H2 delivered at a pressure of 10 bar, the McLyzers that will be deployed at the Lebanese thermal power station will produce H2 for injection into its alternator cooling circuit.

For this contract, the group will be capitalising on its expert logistics capabilities for export projects. McPhy, which delivered a first McLyzer 10-10 to Chinese thermal power station CPI Zaoquan (Ningxia region) at the start of 2017, is confirming its deployment on the high-potential market for on-site H2 production.

McLyzer: On-site H2 production equipment

McLyzer: On-site H2 production equipment