Dedicated hydrogen (H2) solutions provider McPhy has been selected by RAG, the Austrian underground gas storage specialist, to supply the H2 generation system for its highly innovative Underground Sun Conversion project.

McPhy RAG power to gas

Source: RAG

RAG has developed an innovative approach to produce and store green methane from H2 generated by renewable energies and micro-bacteria. The synthetic natural gas will be produced and stored directly in a natural gas reservoir more than 1,000m underground, then fed into the pipeline network to be delivered on demand to consumers.

The project is now entering an industrialisation phase, enabling RAG to gain reliable knowledge for future business applications.

At the heart of this project, the H2 will be generated by a McLyzer 100-30 electrolyser.

mc phy rag power to gas infographic

Source: McPhy

Designed by McPhy to limit their environmental impacts, its H2 generators combine a zero loss purification unit with a closed-loop system to minimise water consumption during its transformation into H2. Their renowned durability will make it possible to support the Underground Sun Conversion industrial project over the long term.

McPhy’s Chairman and CEO, Pascal Mauberger, said, “I am delighted that RAG has selected McPhy’s electrolyser as a core component for its Underground Sun Conversion project. This equipment, which will be commissioned mid-2018, is designed for an automatic operation, with low maintenance requirements. This will enable our client to focus on its core process: the methanation.”

He added, “With this latest contract, McPhy will soon have installed over 13MW of Power-to-Gas capacity, representing an overall production capacity close to six tons of clean H2 per day.”