Witt has started to equip its ‘PA’ type analysis devices with thermal printers integrated within the housing unit of late, providing the benefit of measured data in printed form.

Companies use gas analysers to monitor the composition of gas mixtures, for food packaging for example, or for welding and cutting and reports can now be printed out or preset automatically in intervals between 10 seconds and 30 minutes.

Together with measured concentrations of O2 and CO2, the data can also include date, time and product name, while the print-out also features any alarm messages that have occurred and an LED indicates when the paper roll has to be changed. The printer can be switched off, in which case the measured data is saved in the unit or transferred through the network.

The PA series by Witt is widely used across industry, with the compact devices supplying reliable measured data, which is easy to operate and can be integrated in practically any process.