ACD’s new self-contained, portable Medical Oxygen Filling System (MOFS) reduces distribution costs and increases market reach.

ACD’s new Medical Oxygen Filling System (MOFS) is a skid mounted system for converting low pressure liquid oxygen to high pressure medical gas.

Specifically designed for medical oxygen cylinder filling, the MOFS is fully compliant with FDA and CGA standards.

The MOFS’ proprietary technology allows liquid supply from either a liquid dewar or small bulk tanks with virtually no product loss during operation and minimal loss when filling multiple racks.

Cavitation due to low supply tank NPSH is eliminated with ACD’s patented charging system. Valve controls and automatic shut-off capabilities improve ease of operation and an oxygen-compatible vacuum pump ensures medical oxygen purity.

MOFS fills up to 70 medical E-cylinders in 25 minutes and is optimal for inert gas purging or pressure testing operations. Its unique, portable design is tailored to fulfill the needs of developing markets where the installation of costly bulk product tanks is not feasible.

By eliminating costly cylinder transportation and the need for large cylinder inventories, the MOFS unit effectively reduces distribution costs.

Simple setup and excellent product support from the worldwide Cryogenic Industries service centers make ACD’s MOFS package the economical and dependable choice for converting low pressure liquid oxygen, nitrogen, and argon to high pressure gas.