A Department of Health contract has been awarded to Medical Gas Solutions, to provide NHS Trusts with the revolutionary MPU multi-patient oxygen delivery system, which incorporates 300 bar Excursion cylinders produced by Luxfer Gas Cylinders.

Providing a sustained supply of oxygen for up to 48 casualties from one unit for up to half an hour, extended capacity MPU systems were originally developed for use after a chemical or biological attack but are now being reviewed for possible use as an emergency standby oxygen supply for hospitals, temporary hospitals and emergency treatment centres.

Vicki Butler, Luxfer's International Marketing manager explains, $quot;We have been working closely alongside Medical Gas Solutions to help provide a viable, lightweight cylinder capable of delivering optimum capacities of oxygen to frontline crews and the Excursion range proved to be the ideal solution.$quot;

Weighing approximately 80kg when full, MPU units have been ergonomically developed to include user-friendly control panels mounted on a purpose built trolley capable of holding four 10 litre cylinders and producing up to 13,600 litres of medical oxygen. Additional features include simple, low level monitoring and automatic changeover from empty to full cylinders without interrupting the oxygen supply to casualties.

The revolutionary MPU was the first system to combine all the benefits of lightweight, carbon wrapped, high-pressure cylinders in to a system capable of supplying medical oxygen through a series of hoses and multi-flow therapy heads.